How I increased my productivity and stay focused – tips from the master of procrastination

The blog post of one of my classmates regarding 8 tips for effective time management inspired me to write something on productivity on my own. End of last year I’ve started to track every activity at work. I started with it, because I realized how much of my limited time I spent on useless tasks every single day. And this is what I’ve changed to stay more focused and to increase my productivity.

Start the day right

  • First things first: I always start my day with coffee combined with a nice chat with my colleagues. This gives me the opportunity to stay up to date in an informal way.


  • I stopped checking my mailbox every time I get a new mail and I also stopped answering mails right away. I’ve set specific time frames to check, answer and prioritize my mails.
  • Build categories: Divide the mails into subcategories and answer them in one go.
  • Zero inbox by the end of the day. This doesn’t mean that every mail has to be answered, but each mail gets a deadline for editing or answering the issue.


  • Reduce meetings: I’ve spent most of my working days in meetings. So I reduced the amount of meetings and only attend at meetings, if they are really necessary.


  • A bullet journal for work helps me to stay focused and keep an eye on things that are planned further ahead. This helps me to see what’s planned on a monthly, weekly and daily basis.
  • By the end of the day I start to plan the first steps for the next morning. This to-do list helps me to reset mentally.
  • I also block certain times in my calendar for specific topics and concentrate only on these issues.
  • I don’t even try to be perfect. I focus on getting things done!

Teamwork & Delegation

  • Learn to delegate tasks and topics to your team members.
  • Aks for help.
  • Learn to say No.

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  1. I like your tips, especially not reacting to e-mails all the time but to answer them at certain times. I also totally agree that most of us spend too much time in not necessary meetings.

    Thank you for mentioning!

    Liked by 1 person

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