Reflection in action – Greetings from the hell of an empty word sheet. Or, Insights from the master of procrastination

You know, you have to write a blog post, an exposé or even an e-mail for work. But, you can’t get over yourself and start writing. Do you know the feeling? You feel the deadline on your neck. You know you could have started weeks before, there was enough time. But, you’ve waited, as always, until last minute. Why? Because you need the thrill. You need to feel the fear of missing a deadline. It’s crazy, but it’s the same every time. And it is the same with this blog post.

Our assignment was to write a reflection-in-action blog post. Deadline: until December 21st. So, the assignment was clear and the deadline set. And as always, the hard time started. I’ve pushed this task forward for weeks. Why? Because I didn’t know how to start. Now, it’s Sunday and I still don’t know what to write about, but I have to start. I have a very busy week ahead and this blog post needs to be done.

What do you think when you write the first words?

Funny, there are always the same words floating around in my head. Why do I have to do this? What’s the topic I want to write about? How to start? Hey, look the floors must be vacuumed. Now no further distractions. Hmmm, let’s see what’s new on Instagram. Oh, that jacket looks nice … This goes on for about half an hour. Until I finally start to write the first words. After I’ve started to write, the distractions are forgotten and the words just bubble out of me.

What are the first words?

It does not matter, if I prepare a presentation, a keynote, a blog post, a term paper, an e-mail, – I always start with a rough table of contents to structure myself. And this works best for me.

Do you have the whole picture of the post already in your head when you start?

Normally yes. But to sit down and to finally write everything down, is the tricky part. Most of the time, I have a clear picture on my mind how a blog post, presentation or the results of a new project look like. The hard thing for me is to get there – without any distractions.

How does the post evolve?

After I managed to get over my procrastination thing, I get along very well and actually very fast. If I would start without any hesitation, I would probably be finish twice as fast.

How is your mood? Are you confident that your post will be good enough? When do you feel insecure?

Regarding this portfolio, blog or whatever you may want to call it, I never feel insecure. This is my blog. I decide what happens here, what the topics are and what and how often a new post will go online. If someone doesn’t like it, he or she don’t have to read it.

What do you hate when writing a blog post? When does this hate emerge?

I get angry with myself, if I fail to start without any distraction. I would like to post more frequently and also write about other topics too, but unfortunatly lack of time is an issue. 

And now – FINALLY DONE with the reflection-in-action post for today!!!!

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