Community Management – how it can improve the customer experiences

I’ve made my first experiences with community management as I started 2011 as an Online Trainee. Since then, my job has changed and someone else is responsible for the community management now. What hasn’t changed is, that we don’t have too much going on in the comment section anyway on our company social media channels and platforms. So far, we keep community management at a very low level. But even so, we mostly do respond to negative comments and don’t react on positive ones. The “problem” is, we never really engage with our community. If anyone asks a question, we provide them with an answer. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t think this is something we did bad or wrong over the last years, but it is is a circumstance we should probably change, because in my opinion, there is a lot of potential in this area.


In relation to this matter I’ve read an article from Carrie Melissa Jones “How a Strong Community Creates a Better Customer Experience” and the content of it sounds really interesting for my kind of purpose. Although, we in the Group Communications department don’t sell products — that’s the job of our sales team – but it never hurts to take a look outside the box.

The article is divided into five sections and every “headline” provides the reader another practice example and sums up the key takeaways of every section:

  • Community Management creates a more Engaging Experience for Customers
  • Community Management gives customers an Opportunity to have their voice heard
  • Community Management gives customers trust in your Product or Service
  • Community Management creates the authentic brand recognition your customers are looking for
  • Community Management fuels new Innovation and Products your Customers want


And now some key takeaways for my company:

  • Use proactive community management to build up trust, not only in our products and services, but also in our brand. Trust and an authentic brand recognition are, especially for us, important in the employer branding area.
  • “Community management fuels new innovation and products” could be something that is important for our R&D department, but as well for our human resources department (job applicants). Through the main questions and complaints, you get a feeling for what the user, job seeker etc. want, or is looking for. But also, you get a sense of what people want to read and hear about. This should also have an impact on our editorial plan.

Read the full article:



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