What content potential does a company have? Content analysis according to Eichmeier and Eck

The content analysis sharpens the view on the content potential of a company. It provides insight into the efficiency of its content and helps to identify critical processes. The content analysis forms the basis for a functioning content strategy.

At the beginning of a content strategy, there should always be an analysis of the existing website, the blog, etc. – the so called content analysis and content audit. According to the approach of Klaus Eck and Doris Eichmeier (2014), the content strategist analyzes the content after completed audit from three perspectives: From the stakeholder, the brand and the company perspective.

Stakeholder perspective: Get to know your users!

Do you know what content your users like or what content they want? How well do customers understand your content or in what stage of the buying process they need and use what content? To develop a qualified content strategy, you need to know the answer to these questions. Since the results of web analytics are usually inadequate, you should consult your target audiences directly. For this purpose, content strategy uses methods from the user experience design and the empirical social research.

Brand perspective: What makes your content unique?

Of course, your content should be well received by your users, but it’s equally important that your content fits to your business and brand purposes.

Company perspective: How is your content crated?

It is important to find out which performance potential your company has. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What content can it produce in which quality and within what time frame?
  • Are the goals set achievable?
  • Is it advisable to bring external service provides on board?
  • Who is involved in these processes?
  • Which content silos are there?

In this part of the research, it’s important to identify optimization potential and synergy effects.

Final analysis: Combination of the three perspectives

Thanks to your content analysis, as a content strategist, you now know:

  • Which content is relevant and should be changed or renewed or deleted,
  • Which touch points are suitable for which content offer and
  • Which processes and responsibilities should be optimized (internally and externally).

This post was written in collaboration with Xenia Imbach and Barbara Mayer. Read the original post on the OER Blog: Welches Content-Potential hat ein Unternehmen? Content-Analyse nach Eichmeier und Eck


Eck, K., & Eichmeier, D. (2014). Die Content-Revolution im Unternehmen (1. Auflage). Freiburg: Haufe-Lexware.

Written by bauersteph

I live in Lower Austria, work in Upper Austria and studied communications science in Salzburg and currently I am studying in Styria. Since 2011 I am part of the voestalpine Group Communications department. As mentioned before I started to study content strategy at the FH Joanneum Graz in September 2017.

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