webinars whenever, wherever and however I want

To the delight of each part-time student, there are many webinars during our academic program, which do not require presence in Graz. Following the saying “webinars whenever, wherever and however I want”, here are the nine most – let’s say interesting places and situations in which I attended a webinar.

Since October 2017 I am studying part-time content strategy at the FH Joanneum in Graz. Graz, is about 2.5 hours by car from my home town. With the organization of the program it is theoretically possible to study when I want, how I want and where I want. In reality, I’m continously concerned with three basic questions: When do I have time, is there internet and where is the nearest plug? It’s good that meanwhile Maslow’s hierarchy of needs has been extended to the essential basic needs …

Although this type of study gives me a high degree of independence, and because of the webinars it is great that I spend less time in the car. Yet I’ve to face new challenges with work, business trips, vacations, spare time, hobbies and online courses. Some of my fellow students will probably find themselves in one situation or another.

1. Webinar on vacation

Travel and vacation – both a MUST in my life. Already at the time of booking I’m checking my calendar for presence weeks and weekends as well as webinars. Wi-Fi in Airbnb, hotels or airports is also a must. In the meantime, I have followed webinars from, among others, Lisbon, Bergen, Vienna, Berlin, Salzburg, Schladming and Freiburg. The list will definitely be added in the next few months.


2. Webinar on business trips

Business trips are on my agenda. Again, it is not a problem. Hotel lobbies, departure halls and meeting rooms almost always offer Wi-Fi.

What I did  learn over the past months:

  • The sharpened look for the Wi-Fi sign.
  • If there is Wi-Fi it doesn’t automatically mean that the internet connecting works.
  • Being on time is a b*** – there is always a flight, train, bus or business partner delayed.
  • Multitasking: Watching a webinar, Taking notes, answering an E-Mail, eating dinner, drinking an Aperol and entertaining your colleague. Not problem for a cos17 student. (Vicky, sorry for that, but thx for taking a picture … 😊)

3. Webinar at friends

Basically, I am someone who likes to dance at several weddings at the same time and I don’t want to neglect leisure and friends, only because I decided to study again. So, I’ve already spent one or two webinars in the studies of my friends, while they had a blast outside on the terrace.

4. Webinar in the car

🤢 In this case an emoji says more than a thousand words. I tried it, I do not have to do it again.

5. Webinar on the train

Webinars on the train run better – from the physical condition – than in the car. Challenging on the train is always if there is a working internet connection.

6. Webinar with cats

Every cat owner will make the same experience as I do – or at least will know what I am talking about: cat wants to be let out, cat wants to be let in, cat wants to be petted, cat wants to be fed, cat wants to sit down on the keyboard, cat wants to be let out … And the whole thing over again.


7. Webinar in the garden

Webinars in the sunshine on the terrace, sounds beautiful doesn’t it? The biggest enemies: Curious neighbors, tractors, motorcycles and lawnmowers.

8. Webinar with the family

This kind of webinars are very challenging. Actually, it was a similar experience as the webinars with my cat. Overprotective parents and other family members constantly inquire if I have enough to eat and drink. These are my favorite frequently asked questions:

  • You’re so calm, everything’s alright
  • What are you doing?
  • Does it bother you if I look over your shoulder a bit?

9. Webinar in pajamas

Last but not least. I’ve to tell you one of my biggest secrets. During the Saturday webinars I usually wear pajamas. So, now it’s out. Judge me if you want, but I am sure, I am not alone.

It’s also interesting what my fellow students do during the webinars:

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