#laufsteel relay marathon episode 5

For the 5th time the #laufsteel relay team took part in the 17th Linz Marathon on April 15, 2018. Despite extreme heat, lots of headwinds, heavy legs and too little training, we made a fantastic performance – for our standards – of 3:48h.

#voestalpineteam #laufsteel Staffel beim Linz Marathon

High learning curve

For the first time in our history, we have all managed to appear in time for the chip handovers. So we really learned a lot from the last five years. If only I think back to the first years: For example, at the first year relay runner B was still looking for a parking space while relay runner A was already at the transfer point. The year after relay runner C waits in line for the dixie-loo, whilst runner B is desperately searching for him at the handover point. As you can see, we have learned a lot about time management.

Relay Marathon Results

The starting signal for 20,000 runners was given at 9:30 am. The total of 42,195 kilometers were divided in the relay competition as follows:

  • Runner A – 9,7 km
  • Runner B – 11,4 km
  • Runner C – 14,2 km
  • Runner D – 6,9 km

As runner D, I had the most cheerful part of the relay marathon: It’s the shortest distance and can run into the finish, where around 100,000 spectators are waiting. We decided as a team that we will finish together. That was almost easier said than done. Our C runner made it just in time from the relay transfer point to the finish line. And runners A and B had to jump over the barrier. But we still made it to the finish together with a time of 3:48 hours — the real reason was probably that we were expecting a cold beer there.


Follow the hashtags #laufsteel & #voestalpineteam

Since the first time we took part in 2014, you could follow the day and the running performances on Instagram and Twitter with the hashtag #laufsteel and #voestalpineteam. The numerous positive feedback motivated each individual runner and so it is not surprising that everyone was able to call on his/her best performance.

Cooldown & after the run

During the run, one wonders at every kilometer why this is done every year. Often the knee tweaks a bit, you get side stitches, etc. (besides, it can be very frustrating if you are constantly overhauled). But in the end, when everyone shares their experiences and anecdotes for the best. Then, you are suddenly so motivated and you imagine “next year, everything will be different, because I will train more and run even faster”. But believe me, next year is never different.


Cool down on the banks of the Danube

Blogarticle about the first #laufsteel relay in 2014.

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