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cos camp 2018

Cos camp is a public event of the degree program content strategy of FH Joanneum. The participants discuss topics as content strategy and related fields like web design, user experience, SEO, etc. If you are interested, follow the hashtag #coscamp on Twitter.

But what is a cos camp exactly?

Cos camp is a derivative of barcamp and this is an open conference with open mini-workshops. The content and agenda is developed by the participants at the beginning of every conference and can be later adapted. Main idea behind is, to discuss topics or project or even find an answert to questions that are on your mind. There is no participant limit and the event is not limited to students of the FH Joanneum.

Agenda coscamp

My first coscamp session

During my first coscamp session I shared some insights of the voestalpine Newsroom and how we plan communication topics and work together. To be totally honest, I’ve recycled a presentation I’ve held with Peter Felsbach at the Kommunikationskongress in Berlin last year.

But the information are still the same – you don’t have always have to reinvent the wheel.

voestalpine Newsroom presentation at coscamp in Graz

What’s a Newsroom and how does it work?

For several years, we have been working according to the newsroom principle. In doing so, we orient ourselves based on the communication model of media houses. Because the question is asked very often, no it is not a physical newsroom. We do not have a huge open-plan office with many screens, tickers and so on. The newsroom takes place in our heads, but it works anyway. The entire communication planning, coordination and execution functions within this framework and across the entire Group.

If you are interested to read more about the newsroom let me know and I will post an extra article. If you want to hear more about the newsroom I’ll have a short session at the Österreichischer Kommunikationstag in Vienna.

Follow the hashtag #ktag18 and/or see you there!

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