5 personal keywords

The general task “describe yourself with 5 keywords” sounds easy. Doesn’t it? But it is quite hard to describe myself in just 5 words. So this is, what I’ve come up with.

#hashtag – Keep it short and simple. If you can say it in two words, do so. There is nothing more annoying than someone rambles about one topic.

#passion – One of my favorite quotes says: “Someone said that is not possible. One of them did not know that, and did it.“ Therefore: Make it work!

#motion – Always in motion, always on the road – on a professional as well as a personal level. Standstill is a step backwards.

#travel – See more of the world and extend your horizon. Gain new experiences, meet new people, get to know other cultures, food, etc.

#sarcasm – Sarcasm and black humor. Can‘t live without it, can‘t be without it. Not sure if I am made out of it …

5 personal keywords
5 personal keywords

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